During our lives we have all faced some difficult situations in a professional, family or even personal level. For each of us the way and intensity in which we experience the challenges of everyday life is different and largely related to our nature and our past experiences.

Everyone of course, while growing, have created their own ways to solve the problems and difficulties they meet. But it sometimes seems that the ways we usually use, don’t always work, or, on the other hand, are not enough.

During these times the expert provides a “third” look at things, more objective and circumstantial, because of his/her obtained experience and education. He/She can offer a secure and stable environment. With the assistance of the expert, we can express thoughts and feelings and find other ways of dealing with difficulties. An intense anxiety, a fear, an emotion, a frustration or anything else that makes us feel vulnerable, can be difficult for us to handle.

We may find ourselves discomforted; having the ones around us concerned about how we are trying to sort out what troubles us. Moreover, there are plenty of people who visit a mental health specialist, without any apparent difficulty in their lives, but with an inner need to gain a deeper understanding on their feelings, thoughts and actions.

As far as the difficulties usually associated with children’s behaviour are concerned, they are most commonly spotted at home or at school, regarding their school obligations etc. Sleeping difficulties, independence, a change in the family’s life, will have an effect on the child’s life. If parents need help, they have every right to ask for it.